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Haryana Civil Service (Judicial Branch)

It is two stage examination.
(A) Main (Written Type)
(B) Personality Test (Interview)
Main (Written) Examination
It consists of five papers:

(1) Law Paper I i.e. Civil Law I
It will cover the following topics-
1.    Code of Civil Procedure
2.    Contract Act
3.    Partnership Act
4.    Sales of Goods Act
5.    Specific Relief Act
6.    Indian Evidence act
7.    Punjab Courts Act
(2) Law Paper II i.e. Civil Law II
It will cover the following topics-
1.    Hindu Law
2.    Mohammedan law
3.    Law of Registration
4.    Limitation Act
(3) Law Paper III i.e. Criminal Law
It will cover the following topics-
1.    Indian Penal Code
2.    Criminal Procedure Code
3.    Indian Evidence Act
(4) Paper IV English (Essay)
Out of three essays given, one essay is to be written.
(5) Paper V Language Hindi
Standard of Hindi paper shall be that of matriculation examination of Haryana Board. It shall comprise of-
•    Translation of English passage into Hindi
•    Explanation of paragraphs in Hindi
•    Proverbs and phrases; meaning and their use
•    Hindi Essay
•    Grammer, Adjectives, Antonyms etc.
The candidates qualifying the written examination will be called for Interview.

Important Notice:
(Updated on 29/03/2010)
The syllabus for Haryana Civil Service (Judicial Branch) has been changed for 2010. Now the examination shall be conducted in three stages, namely:
1.    Preliminary Examination
2.    Main Examination
3.    Viva-Voce
Syllabus for Preliminary Examination
Preliminary Examination shall be of objective type multiple choice (which can be scrutinized by computer) as distinguished from the Written Examination which shall be subjective/ narrative type.
The question paper for Preliminary Examination shall be of two hours duration. It shall consist of 125 questions and each question shall carry 04 marks and for every wrong answer 01 mark shall be deducted.
The objective type multiple choice questions for Preliminary Examination shall be from the syllabus for the Main Examination. The candidate shall be expected to have a general and basic over view of the main subjects and also the ability to answer questions on current events of national and international importance, Indian legal and constitutional history and governance.
Disclaimer: Author has tried his best to provide syllabus that is true and accurate as of the date of writing; however, all the syllabii on the the present blog should be double checked for their accuracy and current applicability. For details

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