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1    The agreement may be expressed:
(a)    In a formal document
(b)    In a letter passing between the parties.
(c)    On stamp papers.
(d)    All of the above.
2    With reference to the Indian contract Act, a consideration is a:
(a)    Condition of fulfillment of the other’s promise.
(b)    A reason behind making a proposal.
(c)    An act of doing or restraining from doing something at the desire of the promisor.
(d)    None of them.
3    Past consideration means:
(a)     Money received in the past without making even a proposal.
(b)    The price which is more than the promisor’s expectation.
(c)    The price paid or service rendered at the desire or request of the promisor followed by a subsequent promise.
(d)    All of the above.
4    Which constitute a valid acceptance:
(a)    An enquiry as to fitness off the subject matter of contract.
(b)    Addition of superfluous term, while accepting an offer.
(c)    A provisional acceptance
(d)    An un-conditional acceptance.
5    Which is enforceable?
(a)    A promises to pay Rs. 5,000 to B who saved him from drowning.
(b)    A promises to pay Rs. 5,000 to his son.
(c)    A promises to donate Rs. 5,000 to an officer’s club.
(d)    None of  the above.

Ans.    1. (d)    2.  (a)         3. (c)         4. (d)       5.(a)

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